Thursday, June 30, 2011

More from GASC

I know that it has been almost a month since my last post. With the kids off of school it is well lets say chaos at our house. I barely have time to breath. Four active boys is most days hard to keep up with. We have been so hot here in Abilene that most of the day we have to stay indoors. With temps reaching up to 110 being outside is difficult. I do have to say thank heavens for Netflix! We have been watching a ton of movies and reading books everyday. I have learned how to play cars and my boys are teaching mom how to make boy noises. LOL!

Now on to more of the wonderful GASC. While I was there I was able to meet the wonderful Stephanie Barnard from The Stamps of Life.

I have been a club member with Stephanie for about a year and a half now. I love her stamps. They are clear stamps so you can see what you are stamping. She has many stamps that I use all the time. One of my favorite stamps is her Stamped4You. This is a set that you use on the back of your projects to sign your name. I also adore her YouAre2Kind. This is a set of wonderful words that you can combine and create your own phrase. Stephanie has so many sets that I use all the time. She has Christmas sets, Halloween sets, Easter sets, Butterfly sets, sets for boys and girls, and many sets with sentiments for the inside of cards. Please check out her site here.

I of course had to purchase some more of her stamps which my dear hubby just can't understand. He says,"Don't you have enough stamps to play with? How many do you need?" My Reply to him was, "A girl can never have too many stamps to play with. Look at how many tools you have to fix the car with, or how many fishing lures do you need to catch 1 fish?"( I do have to say that I love all the fishing stuff he has, because I admit I love to fish!) Here are the new sets that I bought.

Another wonderful thing about Stephanie's stamps is that she creates new sets to work with other sets. The Cone2Dish set that is shown here works also with her Scream4IceCream set. How cool is that? Can't wait to see what she creates for next month!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great American Scrapbook Convention

WOW is all I can say! I have never been to anything like this in my life. The Great American Scrapbook Convention came to Arlington, TX June 2-4. I was like a little kid in a toy store. I wanted everything I saw. There we so many wonderful people that I met and I do have to say that scrappers are some of the nicest people. I had to attend this by myself which at first I didn't like that. When I got there and realized that there were others just like me who did go alone it made me feel better.

Right from the beginning when I walked in I was overwhelmed with awe. Booth after booth full of bright shinny things and colorful things and a multitude of amazing paper. Of course I had to go up and down every row to see all the new great things that I knew I had to have. My poor husband was gonna be in for a shock when he saw the money that was spent on the 2 days that I attended. There were lots of scrapbooking clubs there that offered supplies once a month sent to your house. How tempting that was, but I did not do any of those so that I would use what I already have.

I found a 31 Gifts booth and bought a bag from them just to carry all of my new goodies. One of the coolest new things that I came across was by Kiwi Lane Designs. They have items to help you design your layouts. The templates are semi-transparent so that you can use them to design your page and then you can use them to cut your items when you are ready. I know that I am not explaining this very well so please visit their site here to watch a full demo of the product. What an amazing product it is. I can't wait to give this a try!

Of Course I came home with some new goodies to play with so here are a few pictures of my stash.

This is from Story Tellers Club. These are 2 page layouts and embellishments. Can't wait to add photos to these.

This is some paper stacks and some acrylic sheets with the glue for them.

Here are some puffy stickers for pages.

And of course more paper, cause who can have too much paper. (I do!)

In this picture are my Tim Holtz folders, some pens, brads and eyelets, buttons, and glue stick.

Well I could write all day about my experience at the show, but that would bore you so I will stop for now. In the days to come I will post about the wonderful person that  I met and also about the digital scrapbooking classes that I took at the show. 

I hope that everyone has one amazing Sunday! I am off to swim with the family and try to stay cool here in this Texas heat. 

Til Later!