Friday, January 14, 2011

Make The Cut!

I have joined all the groupies out there for Make The Cut! What a wonderful program. I came across Jin Yong's Blog Under a Cherry Tree where she is doing an amazing series teaching the program step by step to Newbies like me. Now I haven't looked at how others are teaching this so I can only say how Jin is teaching it. She explains everything so well along with a terrific writing style. I am so glad that I came across her blog.

I changed my card just a little cause I didn't have the Cupid that she uses on hers. I chose to use a file from which is a set of 3 Valentine Truffles. Here is the link to the file. I did have a problem when it came to laying out the paper on the mat. For some reason I could not get it through my thick skull that the way it is laid out is backwards from what I thought it should be. Oh well practice makes perfect.

I used some SU papers, K & Company papers, and some paper from Michaels. The stamps used on the inside of the card are from The Stamps of Life. I also used a SU border punch on the pink paper which is slick on one side. One cool feature of MTC is that you can print text onto your cardstock. How neat! One stupid thing that I did do and will not do in the future is to print text onto slick cardstock. I assumed that it would dry over time and I even used my heat gun on it, but no luck. It still smeared a little. Lesson learned!

I am so excited to see what Jin has in store for us tomorrow. I am a day behind her, but I will catch up I hope tomorrow. Join us over at Under a Cherry Tree and learn MTC! Your Cricut and youself will appreciate it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Toys!

Well I got a few new toys to play with. Before we left North Dakota my twins got a hold of some scissors and cut the band on my Cricut which holds the cutting housing. I am getting that fixed, but I just couldn't wait. I scored one of the new purple Cricuts that Wal-Mart had on the day after Thanksgiving. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I just had to have it. I have waited on Cricut and other scrapbooking companies to come out with more purple stuff. It seems that everything is in pink which I do like, but purple is my choice.

   Isn't that cool the color of the lighted buttons are even a purple color!

 Close up of the flourishes

So much prettier than just a plain Cricut.

My other new toy is my Gypsy. Yes I know I said that I was not going to buy one, but I just realized how hard it is to keep changing all the carts when I want to use more that one on a design. I still haven't learned how to use it that much. Seems like I will be watching lots of YouTube videos to learn how.

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Since we are now back in TX we were able to spend it with our family even at our house this time. What a change. We usually travel to a family members house, but Kevin was on call for work so no go this time. I do have a post for tomorrow so come back to see what I am learning right now!

New House

Well we did get settled into our new house here at Dyess AFB in TX. I know that I have been neglecting my blog, but we still have things to unpack and organize. We are now in a 4 bedroom house which is wonderful now that Cody and Clay have separate rooms. This gives them their own areas to get away from the twins and each other. Our house is very nice, but only has 1 car garage and not much storage. Needless to say my truck has a home outside since our garage is full of stuff. I hope one day to get out there and organize it a little better. The back yard is lets say extremely small. When we moved it it was all dirt so I did throw down some winter Rye grass seed to get something to grow. That way I could hopefully keep some of the dirt out of the house.

One other thing that is strange is that the back of the house is where you drive up to and come in. If you want to use the front door you must find the sidewalk (which is 2 houses down) and walk around all the houses til you get to the front door. I know very weird! The only person who really sees the front of the house is the mail man since our mail box is on our front porch. Oh well they do say that back door friends are the best ones to have.

I have attached some pictures of the new house. Enjoy!


 Dining Room looking out to back yard
 Living Room

View from Living Room
 Front Door
 Twins room
Twins Closet
 Hall Bath Room
 Hall Tub and Toilet
Storage Room AKA Scrap Room
 Hall Closet
 Clay's Room

Cody's Room (Smallest Bedroom)
 Master Sink area and tub and bath are in a separate room
 Master Closet
Laundry room
Well that is it for now. I know that was a bunch of pictures, but I wanted to show everyone what our new place looks like!