Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cards for Grace

I came across a message on another site that sent me to Jennifer McGuire's site. Here I learned about two sisters that were born at the same time and were the best of friends. These twin girls rarely ever left each others side. Their names are Grace and Ellie. Two of the most precious faces you have ever laid eyes on. Ellie was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 6 years old. She fought for 2 years this ugly disease and at the end of June lost her battle. Grace is now without her best friend and twin sister.

My heart aches for this family and reading their story made me cry. To imagine one of my twins gone or any of my children would be devastating. Please make your way to Jennifer McGuire's site to learn how to make cards for Grace to lift her spirits and know that others do care.

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Anonymous said...

Whitney I came by to say THANK YOU for your very sweet comment on my blog......I read your message and I went to her site.....then from there I went to the Potvin sight....OMG My heart ACHES for them!!!! I too plan to make a card for that precious Grace and perhaps one for mom too!!!!! Thank you for being a blessing and sharing that!!!! I pray you are having a very blessed day!!!