Thursday, January 13, 2011

New House

Well we did get settled into our new house here at Dyess AFB in TX. I know that I have been neglecting my blog, but we still have things to unpack and organize. We are now in a 4 bedroom house which is wonderful now that Cody and Clay have separate rooms. This gives them their own areas to get away from the twins and each other. Our house is very nice, but only has 1 car garage and not much storage. Needless to say my truck has a home outside since our garage is full of stuff. I hope one day to get out there and organize it a little better. The back yard is lets say extremely small. When we moved it it was all dirt so I did throw down some winter Rye grass seed to get something to grow. That way I could hopefully keep some of the dirt out of the house.

One other thing that is strange is that the back of the house is where you drive up to and come in. If you want to use the front door you must find the sidewalk (which is 2 houses down) and walk around all the houses til you get to the front door. I know very weird! The only person who really sees the front of the house is the mail man since our mail box is on our front porch. Oh well they do say that back door friends are the best ones to have.

I have attached some pictures of the new house. Enjoy!


 Dining Room looking out to back yard
 Living Room

View from Living Room
 Front Door
 Twins room
Twins Closet
 Hall Bath Room
 Hall Tub and Toilet
Storage Room AKA Scrap Room
 Hall Closet
 Clay's Room

Cody's Room (Smallest Bedroom)
 Master Sink area and tub and bath are in a separate room
 Master Closet
Laundry room
Well that is it for now. I know that was a bunch of pictures, but I wanted to show everyone what our new place looks like!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures. It is really hard finding pictures online of the housing. We are moving there next month and just wanted to see housing.

~Chris~ said...

LOL Backdoor Friends. I miss you so much!!! Glad you are settling more in your new Home. Love the Pics.. Hugs!