Friday, January 14, 2011

Make The Cut!

I have joined all the groupies out there for Make The Cut! What a wonderful program. I came across Jin Yong's Blog Under a Cherry Tree where she is doing an amazing series teaching the program step by step to Newbies like me. Now I haven't looked at how others are teaching this so I can only say how Jin is teaching it. She explains everything so well along with a terrific writing style. I am so glad that I came across her blog.

I changed my card just a little cause I didn't have the Cupid that she uses on hers. I chose to use a file from which is a set of 3 Valentine Truffles. Here is the link to the file. I did have a problem when it came to laying out the paper on the mat. For some reason I could not get it through my thick skull that the way it is laid out is backwards from what I thought it should be. Oh well practice makes perfect.

I used some SU papers, K & Company papers, and some paper from Michaels. The stamps used on the inside of the card are from The Stamps of Life. I also used a SU border punch on the pink paper which is slick on one side. One cool feature of MTC is that you can print text onto your cardstock. How neat! One stupid thing that I did do and will not do in the future is to print text onto slick cardstock. I assumed that it would dry over time and I even used my heat gun on it, but no luck. It still smeared a little. Lesson learned!

I am so excited to see what Jin has in store for us tomorrow. I am a day behind her, but I will catch up I hope tomorrow. Join us over at Under a Cherry Tree and learn MTC! Your Cricut and youself will appreciate it!


JustYolie said...

Sweet card!! :)

~Chris~ said...

WOW what a GREAT Card.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!