Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Digital Scrapbook Teacher

All of the classes that I took at GASC were digital scrapping classes. I did this cause I already know how to paper scrap for the most part and wanted to learn something new. The first class that I took was from Story Tellers. In this class we learned some of the basic techniques for digital scrapping. Here is what we made.

She taught us how to add a shadow, how to duplicate an element, and how to add a photo to a template. All this sounds so simple, but it is not.

The next 2 classes were taught by The Digital Scrapbook Teacher, Patty Debowski. I was in such awe of how well she taught us. As Patty will tell you she is not a techie. She now teaches, because when she tried to learn PSE there were not alot of great tutorials out there. She taught herself how to do many of the wonderful techniques with trial and error. She tries to tell all of her students how to do it the easy way to save us a headache.  I love how she can teach how to do something without getting so technical.

I ended up taking the class #6 Stamping, Distressing, and Making your own with PSE. This class was so much fun! We learned how to use brushes which are like stamps to us that are familiar with paper scrapping. She also told us to push every button and play with everything that is how you learn. If you make a mistake oh well there is always an edit button. She explained that some brushes are created to act a certain way. Look at the photo below.

Here we used the grass and leaf brush. As you can see as you click and drag the image changes colors and blends wonderful. How cool! She also taught us how to make our own digital papers.

The other class that I took was #7 Creating Montages with PSE. In this class we were taught how to take a picture and and add a person to the photo in different locations. Here take a look.

This is the same boy on the slide just in different locations. She took 3 pictures and taught us the Eraser Method and the Masking Method to create this photo. Pretty cool huh?

I also bought her new book Photoshop Elements Basics and Beyond. I am going chapter by chapter to learn new techniques on how to organize my photos and my digital scrapbooking elements. Patty has created a disk that has 3200 digital items already tagged and separated into categories. This saves hours of time!

Here is another picture of all the template disks that I also bought from her. I am so excited to learn how to do some of these amazing techniques with PSE.

I am also trying to butter up my dear hubby to let me attend one of Patty's Boot Camps. This is where for 2 days for 8 hours each day Patty teaches you all the ins and outs of the program. I so want to go. She is having a Boot Camp in Irving, Texas this year on October 22 and 23. I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel, because my parents live not too far from there. Hope that it works out for me.

If you want to find out more information about The Digital Scrapbook Teacher just click on my link on the left side of the page and it will take you to her site to check out all the wonderful products that she has to teach you with.

I want to wish everyone a glorious July 4th weekend and hope that you are spending it with the people you love!


~Chris~ said...

Happy 4th of July.. Wow I love all you learned.. The Leave Page looks amazing as does the other.. Hope it works out for you so you can go to the next one.. Miss you!

KER said...

looks like fun...and you learned a lot...enjoy

Miss Molly said...

I want to learn how to do this!!!

Laura said...

Way cool! Thanks for sharing the info!

Teresa Jenkins said...

So neat, sounds like a lot of fun and you are learning a lot.