Friday, July 8, 2011

Photoshop Elements

I have been busy learning so much about Photoshop Elements. I am having a blast! I have been going through Patty Debowski's book Photoshop Elements Basics and Beyond. I am reading the section on organizing. Wow I so needed this! She explains how to use tags to find just the right photo. As someone who takes a ton of photos this is gonna come in handy.

You can see in this screen shot of the organizer in PSE9 that I have already tagged these 2 photos. Patty explains that it is easier to add more tags than not enough. I have tagged these with sunny, Texas, June, 2011, and cell phone. I also tagged the 1st photo with my nieces Megan and Kaitlyn and the 2nd photo with my son Dylan. So now that these are tagged lets say I wanted to find a photo taken in 2011 of my nieces in a sunny location. All I have to do is click on these 3 tags and walla you would bring up this photo. Sounds simple doesn't it?

It will take me a while to get all my photos tagged, but in the end I believe that it will help me so much. I have always used the organizer, but had not used the tags. She also tells you how to create multiple catalogs so that you can have 1 for photos and 1 for digital scrapbook supplies. I will next tackle tagging the scrapbook supplies, but as with the photos this will take me some time. To learn more of these great tips go to Patty's site located on the left side of my page and check it out. I never thought that I would learn how to do this stuff!

Have a wonderful day!!


Miss Molly said...

look at you go!

KER said...

i need this!...i have been debating which photoshop to buy...have you tried others?...i would love your input if you have done comparisons

~Chris~ said...

wow this is amazing.. I so need something like this.. Sounds fun!

~Chris~ said...

Thanks for all the Info Girl.. I ordered my Software today :) Amazon has it for $69.99 (down $10 from when we talked) and with the Rebate I will end up paying $49.99 :) Can't wait to play with it!!!

Whitney said...

Ker I would have to go with Adobe Photoshop Elements! I have fallen in love with the program. You can do so much with it.