Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MTC Continues

Ok I know that this is a little late, but life got in the way of crafting. Onto the next step. In this step Jin shows us how to shadow layer and align. Click here to read her tutorial and to watch her video. This step is a little tricky I still am gonna have to do this again to get it. Jin is wonderful in her steps, but for me the video is much easier to follow than the written instructions. Guess I am more visual. The penguin is from Lettering Delights DB Animal Occasion. Click here to get this wonderful graphic. In this tutorial Jin shows us how to make a very cute shape card. She uses this type of technique to make shape cards to put into her kids lunches to tell them she loves them. I too added these to my kids lunches. Cody loved it and Clay didn't say much about it probably cause he is older.

 This is the cute cards after I just put them together.

 This is the card I added to Clay's lunch. I used SU paper, some stickles, and some amazing stamps by The Stamps Of Life called youare2kind. Click here to check out Stephanie Barnard's stamps.

This is the inside of Clay's card. I also messed up and got ink on the block so that is the line that you see. Oh well part of crafting is making it your own.

Here is the card I made for Cody. Again I used SU papers, stickles, and stamps by The Stamps of Life.

Here is the inside of Cody's card. I just love these stamps! They can be used for so many things.

Well that is all for now. I hope to finish lesson 5 and 6 soon.

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~Chris~ said...

How adorably cute are those.. You have been quite crafty lately. Miss my craft Buddy :(