Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mouse, Paper, Scissors Begining

I know that I said that I would post more about this and it has been a while. I am having such a blast playing with PSE 6 that my dear hubby commented the other day that he wants his wife back. I tend to get addicted to new things and right now it is learning to scrapbook with PSE.

In the begining of this course Jessica Sprague does an awesome job of explaining how to get a file into PSE and what most of the buttons are and what they do. She gives you a tour of the program to give you a base to start with. I so loved that! I have had this program for a while now and was so scared to try anything. She makes things look so easy. Let me tell you if I can do this ANYONE can do it.

Our first thing to do was to load a file and to learn how to print from the program. Each printer is different and she wanted us to get familiar with our printers so that we would know how things like printing double sided papers would work. Jessica is such an amazing teacher!
These cards here were ones that were already created and all we had to do was upload and print. Amazing!
The envelopes on the other hand were created somewhat by me. We were given a template made I believe by Heidi Swapp and Jessica taught us how to add a digital paper to the envelope before printing it out. How cool is that? You can make this look so different with other digital papers. Do you see now why I am loving this class. Heidi is doing amazing showing us how to complete the projects once we have printed things out.


~Chris~ said...

Wow Girl those are beautiful.. I like your Envelope.. Soo pretty.. Glad you are having a great time with it.. Wishing you safe Travels tomorrow and while you are on the road.. Miss ya! Hugs

Miss Molly said...

wow-wow-wow- that envelope withe the fun edges is gorgous! Love it!