Friday, March 11, 2011

Mouse, Paper, Scissors Observation Notebook

This assignment was difficult for me.  I don't really like to write about myself or my feelings. Heidi Swapp has had us doing Daily Observations where we are suppose to write about our day and what we thought of in just little snipits. Then she gives us another something to think about. One example she had us do was to think about something that we can't live without.

Here is what I wrote:

What can you NOT LIVE WITHOUT? I have an obsession of love and hate for my computer. I love all that I can do and keep up with others. Boy I sure don’t like it when it does not do what I expect it to do or another words operator error. I like to think I know computers, but the truth is that I know just enough to get into trouble and have no way to get out. I love to look at blogs to get ideas, I read e-mail, search for new items for the house, help the kids with homework, or just keep up with my friends on Facebook. I wonder what my day would be like without my computer?

I do have to say that this Observation thing has been the highlight of my day most days. It seems that to get things out on paper makes me organize my thoughts instead of just having them bounce around in my head. It also makes me think of ideas to solve problems or ideas of things to do with the kids. I have to say I am so surprised that this part of the class has helped me so much.

Heidi also created a tutorial for us on making the cutest Observation Journal!

Isn't this just amazing! The paper is so georgus and it is by House of 3 I believe.
 She had us create a few closures like the circle on the above picture and the tab on the one below.

One of the other cool thing that Heidi taught us is to use Tattered Angels glimmer mist. Wow I love that stuff. The ribbon that you see was white. She showed us how to make it this wonderful green color.

This is the inside of the journal. Very sweet!

Heidi also taught us how to cut slits in the back of the paper to insert the back of the paper and the ribbon.

And of course she included elements to print out such as the observation definition. Isn't this just wonderful. I have so many ideas to create some more. Keep your eyes open!

One other thing that I learned from the Amazing Jessica Sprague that has made an amazing difference is how to adjust lighting levels on pictures. Here is an example:


And after

See the difference? Isn't is dramatic? I am sooooo loving this class!!

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Molly said...

Love the paper (I have it too), and I love how you made it so beautiful!!!