Monday, February 14, 2011


I had a blast making Valentines with my two older boys! I let Cody pick out what image he wanted to use for his Valentines for school this year and he chose the Monster Love from Lettering Delights. These are some of the new SVG's that they offer. I do have to give a warning. It took forever to cut this out using MTC and my Cricut, but it was well worth it to see the looks on the boys face. After the twins went to bed Clay, Cody, and I used an assembly line to put together the little monster. The boys were being so silly and for a few hours all we did was talk and laugh. I love days like this!

Here is Cody gluing his part of the monster. He had so much fun and yes had to taste test the candy.

Clay had the job of adding some of the small parts to the monster like the mouth, eyes, and tongue.

 This is a view of some of the monsters that were still needing their horns and hearts.

The final product was added to white cardstock and I stamped a Valentines message from The Stamps of Life. Cody and Clay then added some candy to the bags and Cody stapled on the toppers. I hope that all of Cody's classmates at school have fun today exchanging Valentines. Well that is it for now. Hope that ya'll have an amazing Valentines Day!


~Chris~ said...

These are so cute. Love how they are all into it.. Such crafty Boys!

KER said...

adorable and it is so fun to craft with the daughter and i helped my grand-daughter make her' was a good time...your boys look like they had a good time too

The Mama Monkey said...

Love your blog name!! What darling Valentines! My children did not want to make any this year. :( They just wanted to put stickers on a bag of skittles. Not my children, apparently! LOL